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Hi, I’m Whitney!

“My passion is to guide others on a powerful journey of healing, self-discovery & empowerment.”

“Not many words can describe my balancing sessions with Whitney. I am trained in many modalities & have participated in every healing tool you can imagine. As a healer it’s hard to find a healer I can surrender to. I honestly get more out of a session with Whitney through deep integration & her validation of what I’m experiencing than most tools. She’s truly a sage beyond her years. Her wisdom & tools are ancient roots. So grateful!”

Life Coach | Teacher | Healer

– Daune Thompson | Owner, I Deserve It

“This Blue Lotus tea & breathwork ceremony with Whitney was so beautiful. Every moment was filled with self-love & intense healing. The tea ceremony alone cultivated a sacred energy – a lucid, yet surreal sensation. The breathwork brought an out of body experience that can only take place when a spirit of protection is there holding space for you. I had permission to become fully vulnerable, & that is always the origin of healing. I truly believe we all need these deep experiences for our soul’s growth, & I’m so grateful to have Whitney’s beautiful spirit to guide me on that journey.

Biological Dentist

– Jackie F.

“Whitney, you blow me away! This was so amazing – you are so meant for this. I am feeling so relaxed, at peace & grounded. Also have been having clenched jaw & it’s all released!

Digital Marketing

– Bethanie S.

“An amazing experience allowed by a divine guide. The space that was held was so calm & serene. So grateful.”

– Erika B.

“The chart reading session helped me better understand my place in the cosmos and align with my authentic Beings purpose. Once I opened up to this, an array of beautiful insights, connections, and truths unfolded for me. This has been truly an impactful piece of knowledge that I’m grateful to have received on my journey!”

Creative | Photographer | Videographer

– Michael L. | Owner, Omni Productions 

“Retraining your thoughts, outlook, actions and reactions is not easy, but I now find it necessary. I’m sometimes crippled by the past and after talking with Whitney, I was able to shift my perspective and see in new light. She has provided me with tools to remind myself I am worthy. I have learned with Whitney’s help how to stop the negative thoughts and to remind myself I matter! Thank you Whitney! 

Caretaker | Artist

– Jamie M.


I would love to be of service to you! Please contact me with any questions you may have.


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