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Hi, I’m Whitney!

A cosmic conduit, empowering men & women across the globe to align with their truth, see their potential, know their purpose, reclaim their power & cultivate healthy relationships.

  • Michael L.

    “The chart reading session helped me better understand my place in the cosmos and align with my authentic beings purpose. Once I opened up to this, an array of beautiful insights, connections, and truths unfolded for me. This has been truly an impactful piece of knowledge that I’m grateful to have received on my journey!”

    Creative | Photographer | Videographer

  • Jamie M.

    “Retraining your thoughts, outlook, actions & reactions is not easy, but I now find it necessary. I’m sometimes crippled by the past & after talking with Whitney, I have learned to release in healthy ways & gain new perspective. She has provided me with tools to remind myself I am worthy, I matter, & I am loved. I’ll be honest it was hard to swallow at first, but I will not let others or my past take another day from me. I have learned with Whitney’s help how to stop the negative thoughts and to remind myself I matter! You have to be willing to put in the work, she can only take you as far as you’re willing to let her. Keep in mind like a guide who will take you to the highest peak, she will take every step with you, but you have to walk with her, she can’t carry you!
    Thank you Whitney! ”

    Professional Caretaker | Artist



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