• "Inner Work, Outer Transformation"

We provide a safe space for healing, transformation, expression, inspiration & creativity. Through the use of holistic modalities that nourish the mind, body & soul, we strive to create balance in your overall wellness that leads to a life of authenticity, freedom & fulfillment.


Hi, I’m Whitney

A cosmic conduit, empowering men & women across the globe to:

  • align with their truth
  • see their potential
  • know their worth & purpose
  • reclaim their power
  • cultivate healthy relationships

Healing & transforming on emotional, mental, physical & spiritual levels.

Why? Because my passion lies within my purpose of elevating consciousness for the greater good of all, through the power of Love; restoring balance, peace & harmony. Self-development is a constant journey & with empowering connections & accountability we continue to peel back the layers exposing our true essence; love.

“Your Point of Power is Always in the Present Moment”

Through our own healing, we echo the possibility to our neighbors, as our energy fields work synergistically; in turn raising not only our own vibration, but also the vibration of the planet & our collective.

It’s most often the hurdles you experience in life that become your greatest growth factor & reward over time. I am here to help you see beyond perceived limitations & find balance between practicality & spirituality. Self-awareness is key.

Personal development is never an easy task but it’s the most fulfilling hands down. It takes time, patience, forgiveness, practice & maintenance. You will experience many ebbs & flows & eventually discover the power & magic in surrender. Energy speaks, listen. I discovered this through my own transformational path to self-awareness, being cracked open to new worlds, realizing the power in raw vulnerability & depth, with an open mind.

Sometimes we think we’ve hit a wall or reached the end, when really we have a never-ending box of tools to aide us in breaking down barriers, scaling mountains & seeing through a new lens. This existence is all about the experience – the journey of self-discovery at a soul level through embodiment, tapping into the senses – remembering who you truly are & not who others say you are – through radical self-acceptance, forgiveness & LOVE. The path we choose to take does not have to be a lonely road & there are many different routes.

The journey is definitely NOT a race, so feel free to set down the comparison to others & fears of being judged, ridiculed, not good enough, rejected etc. Because, YOU ARE WORTHY! and nothing outside of you determines otherwise. Most of those feelings originate from conditioning, societal expectation, obligation & manipulation. And that my friend, is what we are here to put an end to; the reason why we do “the work”. To pave a way to a new & improved way of BEing & living harmoniously through our unique expressions.

As a good friend of mine once said, “Your mess is your message”. I call this the “wounded healer”. Through healing past trauma (no matter what it is, big or little) you now reclaim your power & empower others to do the same.

Although we all walk our own paths, and choose our lessons we wish to understand, integrate & eventually transcend, we are never alone. We can learn so much from those that cross our paths, from strangers to family, & even nature herself.

The self-discovery, healing, & growth process doesn’t really have an end destination…at each evolving stage your consciousness expands, always leaving you with more & more to experience & learn.

My personal experiences & journey have led me on a path as an artistic healer sharing my gifts & wisdom with the world; fulfilling my purpose of elevating consciousness & raising the vibration of the planet. “Inner work, outer transformation” is a philosophy I stand by, as it is the basis to any true change. I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science & a minor in Nutrition & Healthy Living. There were many paths I was interested in taking at the time, from medical careers to corporate wellness, but I am so grateful to the Universe & her divine synchronicity for leading me to exactly where I am. I am excited to continue to expand & offer my gifts & services in unique & life changing ways in a variety of settings.

It is through heart-centered practices we can find a harmonious balance between dimensions & various aspects of Self for optimal well-being. The heart is an integration center between the physical & spiritual realms & Earth is our classroom.

Self-development is a constant journey & with empowering connections & accountability we continue to peel back the layers exposing our true essence; love.

I would love to be of service to you,

When we heal one, we heal all.

Love & Blessings.

Our Mission: To guide people on an internal path of self-discovery at a soul level, in order to reclaim their power and fulfill their souls desires; Living a life of authenticity & freedom.

Our Vision:  To bring self-awareness to the world in a creative & unique way, through programs that build a healthy mind, body, & spirit, providing balance to overall wellness; Raising the vibration of the planet.

Our Core Values:  Authenticity – Open mindedness – Accountability – Respect – Responsibility – Integrity – Passion – Purpose – Connection – Support

Why Work with Us: We openly receive our community & create a safe place for connecting, listening, guiding and healing together. You are never alone on this journey. We offer a form of support & guidance that may lead to deep healing, radical self-acceptance, freedom, & a path of fulfillment.

In alignment with the above statements? Are you seeking a deeper understanding of self? Ready to reclaim your power? Heal past or current wounds or traumas? Or simply want to learn more about self-development or our methods? Click the link below to get started!

Photography by Michael Landers | Omni Productions

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