• "Inner Work, Outer Transformation"

We provide a safe space for healing, transformation, expression, inspiration & creativity. Through the use of holistic modalities that nourish the mind, body & soul, we strive to create balance in your overall wellness that leads to a life of authenticity, freedom & fulfillment.


Hi, I’m Whitney

A cosmic conduit, empowering men & women across the globe to:

  • align with their truth
  • see their potential
  • know their worth & purpose
  • reclaim their power
  • cultivate healthy relationships

Healing & transforming on emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & professional levels.

Why? Because my passion lies within my purpose of elevating consciousness for the greater good of all, through the power of Love; restoring balance, peace & harmony. Self-development is a constant journey & with empowering connections & accountability we continue to peel back the layers exposing our true essence; love.

“Your Point of Power is Always in the Present Moment”

Through our own healing, we echo the possibility to our neighbors, as our energy fields work synergistically; in turn raising not only our own vibration, but also the vibration of the planet & our collective.

It’s most often the hurdles you experience in life that become your greatest growth factor & reward over time. I am here to help you see beyond perceived limitations & find balance between practicality & spirituality. Self-awareness is key.

I am a holistic practitioner specializing in energy medicine, and empowering leadership. I use a variety of modalities & techniques that are customized to your individual needs. I believe all things are energy before they are matter…therefore, I enjoy working with the energy field & life force within us all to establish balance, healing, alignment & flow. The work I offer can be felt on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels, removing blocks to restore your human optimization & potential, in life and business. This also crosses over into bringing your visions to life, embodying your purpose in each evolving moment.

My background is a B.S. in Exercise Science, a minor in Nutrition & Healthy Living, & an added concentration in Health Promotion & Corporate Wellness. Through life experiences, including hitting my own rock bottom, I was introduced to various mentors throughout my life that opened me up to expand to the quantum within & around us all & led me on a more holistic, spiritual & alternative path to healing & growth – which now I have an abundant passion to share with others. I spent time studying & integrating under these teachers & I am honored to now share this medicine with you, including in areas of shamanic practices and multiple energy healing modalities. I enjoy being a guide to educate, empower, & elevate the individual healing & growth journey of each soul I am blessed to serve. I am also a certified traditional Usui reiki master, breathwork practitioner, empowerment coach, business consultant & life coach and I am honored to be of service.

Our Mission: To guide people on an internal path of self-discovery at a soul level, in order to reclaim their power and fulfill their souls desires; Living a life of authenticity,  freedom & fulfillment.

Our Vision:  To bring self-awareness to the world in a creative & unique way, through engaging programs that build a healthy mind, body, & spirit, providing balance to overall wellness; Raising the vibration of the planet.

Our Core Values:  Authenticity – Open mindedness – Accountability – Respect – Responsibility – Integrity – Passion – Purpose – Connection – Support – Freedom

Why Work with Us: We openly receive our community & create a safe place for connecting, listening, guiding and healing together. You are never alone on this journey. We offer a form of support & guidance that may lead to deep healing, radical self-acceptance, forgiveness, freedom, & a path of fulfillment.

In alignment with the above statements? Are you seeking a deeper understanding of self? Ready to reclaim your power? Heal past or current wounds or traumas? Or simply want to learn more about self-development or our methods? Click the link below to book a free consultation call!

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