What I can do for you

Personal Wellness Assessment

Through a series of questions + utilizing the 7 dimensions of wellness, we can determine where you are more or less balanced in various facets of your life. From there, you receive a personalized plan of action to ultimately create wholeness + balance in your overall wellness.

Nutrition Guidance

We don’t believe in “diets”. We are all about lifestyle change > what is attainable + maintainable for YOU! How you eat, what you eat + when you eat  are key factors in optimizing your health. Every body is unique + we take into consideration what is realistic for you + what you require to succeed!

Body + Mind Transformation

Creating movement in your day, getting outdoors, socializing, meditating + being aware of your thoughts are key components in the optimization of body + mind wellness. Increasing energy levels, weight loss + maintenance, decreasing depression, becoming grounded, shift in perspective, mental clarity, living outside your comfort zone, increased confidence + the ability to listen to your body are factors we tackle in this service.

Home Detox

We provide education on common household products, the amount of toxins we are exposed to daily + alternatives to live TOXIC FREE! We even walk you through the entire process of revamping your environment + have toxic free starter kits available to get you living healthier faster!

Environmental Awareness

We offer education on sustainability + the environmental impact of our daily choices. We provide products + resources for you to have a conscious part in the betterment + preservation of the sacred earth we live on.

Life Coaching

We focus on life purpose + relationships, using unique + mind blowing tools to help you better understand yourself + why you do what you do. We provide guidance on accepting your past journey, where you are now + how to grow into the person you want to be with clarity + confidence.